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I am an artist and professional leatherworker. I am self taught and I started working with leather in 1976 whilst I travelled around the world from Europe. It kept me alive and on the move, selling my wares where ever I settled for a bit along the way. I did that for 3 years mostly through Nepal and Greece and the travelling in between

Eventually the road took me to Australia where I arrived in 1978. In those first few years I lived in the country by the wonderful Hawkesbury river just out of Sydney. Mark Twain apparently once said that it reminded him of the mighty Mississippi. During that time I sold my leatherwork at one of the city markets once a week.

In 1984 I moved to Sydney and got my first big break working for the then thriving film industry. Having sold a mask anonymously through a shop a couple of years earlier that was used on Mad Max 2 and finished up on all the promo posters. I finally managed to make contact with the costume designer. The timing was right and I was employed straight away to work on Mad Max 3. From then on I was in and worked some 20 odd years making costumes and props on many films, some of them well known other not so.

In 2006 I decided to get out of the film industry and do my own things, making guitar straps and selling them through my own website to the world. Its been a most enjoyable and fulfilling ride. I love my often amusing and quirky clients. Its just great for me to be able to communicate with other artists and their music through my work. :-). Its about passion and dedication, makes a world of difference. Its da best .

In between all this I have worn many other hats to make a buck. I have taught leatherwork in the local prison and at evening colleges for a number of years. I also restored Pacific Art (woven objects) for some well known Sydney art dealers for many years and still do very occasionally. Played around making paper macher furniture, made masks out of the same material for films and wrote a few "how to" craft articles for magazines.

At this stage of my life its all down to making guitar straps.
Thank you for reading this far.
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hand made leather Guitar and Bass Straps Unique and Numbered
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